American Belgian Hare Club

The following is a summary of the sweepstakes points. Sweepstakes are accumulated from January 1 to December 31 each year. Points are based on the number of rabbits shown, number of exibitors, and the placing of the rabbits. Progressively higher points totals are awarded for winning best-in-class, best-4-class, and best-in-show.

2016 Results As of 5/10/2016 (Revised 5/16/2016)

OpenPoints YouthPoints
1Jeff Hardin6401Martha Moyers131
2Dale Knode1992Addyson Hayunga65.5
3Jeanne & Gary Walton94.53Nicole Swartz59.5
4Kate Mills73.5   
5Cheryl Smith48   
5Brian Fee48   
6Leigh Whitehouse47   
7Steve Pappas18.5  

2015 Sweepstakes Final Results

1Jeanne & Gary Walton13061Martha Moyers780
2Elizabeth Hite11992Addy Hayunga312
3Kate Mills850.53Caleb Taulbee245
4Cheryl Smith704.54Kerstin Zimmerman183
5Brian Fee572.55Nicole Swartz42
6Leigh Whitehouse499   
7Terri Jameson488   
8Steve Pappas407   
9Dale Knode348   
10Gene & Sue Johnston294   
11Nancy Clem222.5   
12Debbie Knight221   
13Inese Banks187   
15Shannon Kelly156.5   
16Jonathan Flammer142   
17Stephanie Bartlett120   
18Leeann Kelly116.5   
19Matt Fuller115   
20Babette Loe67.5   
21Earl Clem54   
22Meg Whitehouse38.5   
22Al Butler38.5   
23Kathryn Dodd28   
24Tera Knight9  

2014 Sweepstakes Final Results

1. Jeanne Walton22001. Martha Moyers1085
2. Elizabeth Hite862.52. Addyson Hayunga295
3. Beverly Thompson8083. Caleb Taulbee112
4. Eugene Johnston7734. Kersten Zimmerman18
5. Steve Pappas565.5  
6. Leeanne Kelly562.5  
7. Leigh Whitehouse529  
8. Paula/Morgan Schutz526  
9. Debbie Knight402  
10. Tom Thompson286.5  
11. Cheryl & Jaime Thompson279.5  
12. Matt Fuller248  
13. Inese Banks203.5  
14. Nancy Clem119  
15. Tracy Mercer106  
16. Shannon Kelly104  
17. Katlyn Jameson86  
18. Jonathan Flammer80  
19. Patricia Hernandez75  
20. Al Butler52  
21. Susan Wistrand44  
22. Don Peterson42.5  
23. Tera Knight32  
24. Wm. & Susan Griffith22 

2013 Sweepstakes Final Results

 AdultPoints YouthPoints
1Jeanne Walton 1887.51Martha Moyer521
2Steve Papas1454.52Addyson Hayunga479
3Brian Fee814.53Caleb Taulbee338.5
4Leigh Whitehouse7374Carrigan Halstead200
5Cheryl & Jaime Thompson666.55Amanada Knobe 179
6Dale Knode649.56Kersten Zimmerman148
7Shannon Kelly576.57Andrew Evans141
8Don Peterson649.58Skylar Halstead119.5
9Leeann Kelly576.59Damion Kadlec40
10Stephanie Bartlett26410Riley Halstead25
11Farrah Steward20611Wyatt Larue 
12Debbie Knight 191   
13Gary Walton170   
14Jess Barabe 152.5   
15Gene Johnston162   
16James Jameson144   
17Michael Halstead143.5   
18Beverly Thompson116   
19Al Butler114.5   
20Tracy Mercer114   
21Meg Whitehouse89   
22Katlyn Jameson45   
23Terri Jameson30  

2012 Sweepstakes Final Results

1. Jeanne Walton21331. Addyson Hayunga 1088
2. Elizabeth Hite6832. Lauren May823
3. Steve Pappas 677.53. Caleb Taulbee339
4. Dale Knode641.54. Nathan May226
5. Al Butler4955. Carrigan Halstead192
6. Shelia Scagnelli484 6. Andrew Evans153.5
7. Leigh Whitehouse4247. Skyler Halstead132
8. Cheryl & Jamie Thompson400.58. Emily Freel94
9. Michael Halstead336.5 9. Brittany Thompson90
10. Tam Ruhl29710. Amanda Knode51
11. Vincent Consiglio283.511. Kersten Zimmerman49.5
12. Beverly Thompson251.5 12. Mallory Pienta42
13. Stephanie Bartlett24113. Adrian Scagnelli19
14. Jess Barabe238.5  
15. Jonathan Flammer234   
16. Leeanne Kelly226  
17. Shannon Kelly 207.5  
18. Gary Walton172  
19. Janet Cobb98  
20. Tracy Mercer84   
21. Martha Moyers81  
22. Debbie Knight 75  
23. Kathryn Dodd71.5  
24. Travis Finkle60  
25. Brian Fee58.5   
26. James Dodd51  
Erica Knode 51  
27. Lanette Fee41.5  
28. Tera Knight40  
Frank Heath40   
29. Marie Gentry34.5  
30. Joe Chess 30  
31. Teri Jameson15  
32. Meg Whitehouse12  
33. Farrah Stewart7